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Beta Version 0.53 Release Notes

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Kickstarter Update Link

See the Kickstarter update for videos, images as well as our thoughts about the release.

Beta Version 0.53 Release Notes


Unique Items Devised By Kickstarter Backers (Note: More to come)
Underwater Travel
Magic System and Spell Creation
Compendium featuring a World Map and Tutorial
NPC combat
Virtual Reality Mode (plug in your VR Headset and activate VR mode in the options menu)
Configuration Options, including Difficulty Options (partial)
Character Creation
First Person/Third Person Modes (v key or click right stick by default)
Music and Sound Effects
Controller and Mouse/Keyboard Support
Interactive NPCs, Doors and Items
Day/Night Cycle

In Development:

Certain story progression elements
Certain Mancy tomes for unlocking Mancies
Code optimization, and general polishing of UI and game assets

Addressed Issues:

Items now have the chance to spawn as Rare. Rare items will have additional stat points not available on common items.
Vitality has been removed as an attribute, and instead health values will scale with Level.
Magic Penetration and Armor Penetration have been unified as one stat: Penetration.
Movement Speed and Attack Speed have been unified as one stat: Speed.
Item stat values have been adjusted.
A confirmation window has been added to many interactions with Items in the Tamagacha menu.
Expanded item details will also be displayed in this confirmation window.
Several Kickstarter items have been added to the game.
A highlight will now appear around obtainable items when they are targeted.
Changes have been applied to the damage formula to scale the amount of damage done to a more reasonable level for extreme differences in attack and defense.
Obtainable Item locations have been adjusted across all levels.
More Items have been added to certain levels.

Known Issues:

Some UI prompts display incorrect text (for instance, "Equip" when the text should read "Unequip")

Items also have the chance to spawn as Unique and will have special bonuses which have not yet been fully implemented, so at the moment they're the same as Rare items.

For older game saves, items will be randomized due to unavoidable changes in The Code. This shouldn't cause any gameplay harm, but if you encounter any issues with these strange randomized items, beginning the game again or equipping new items will most likely solve them.

All enemy projectiles make a water splash sound instead of an appropriate sound.

Framerate issues due to a lack of optimization in NPCs and lighting.

Carrot, an Onion Knight, freaks out if he is killed while he is still wearing his hat. He'll stop once it's stolen.

Some ground colliders do not align properly with the ground, making the lower parts of character models appear to sink below the ground. This is a fault in the terrain engine we're using, and we'll fix this if we can find a solution that doesn't require us to redo all of the terrain in the game.

If you equip gear before entering character creation, that gear will not display properly until leaving the area or re-equipping the gear. We might not fix this, as the player shouldn't have gear at that point.
If you experience any other issues please submit a bug report .
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