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Insignificant Update V0.21


This system is a stretch goal I've been looking forward to adding in for quite some time. This allows players to utilize money that they find and enchant their currently equipped weapons and armor, effectively leveling them up as a player would with any of their attributes.

If there's some gear you really like the look of, or a weapon that works out well for you, Enchanting it can allow you to hang onto it for as long as you want, even as you get stronger. A lot of enchanting systems are just about adding a unique effect to an armor piece, but I've found those systems to be ultimately useless when you're going to find new and better stuff in 10 minutes anyway.

Consider this build a "working version" of the Enchanting system. I want to eventually add a cosmetic component where the look of your items change as they are enchanted, but as in all things Insignificant, baby steps.


As I finish implementing all the perks for upgrading specific Mancies, as well as creating their visual effects and splash images, I'm going to start trickling them into the game. The first of which being Familymancy, wherein players harness the strength of familial bonds to increase their physical attack and their proficiency with household weaponry (Sewing needles, cutlery, cotton swabs, that sort of thing).

To activate this Mancy, you'll need to locate the Tome of Familymancy. I'll let you guys look for it, but I think it's pretty obvious at least which area its in.


Oh, and while I'm on the subject I also concocted a splash image for Spicemancy, the one that is unlocked by default in the Alpha version. You can view the splash images in the Mancy Menu, accessible from the character stat screen.

Roadside Area


Where we're going, we will most definitely need roads. Here is a new area you can reach by heading east from the House area. It has some new stuff including roads, signs, and a big ol' billboard.


If this were a Ubisoft game, I'd have put these billboards all over the game and required players to climb on top to uncover portions of the map, since that seems to be a requirement in all their open-world games. Instead, you can just climb on top and look around with your eyeballs. And yes, you can climb all the way up, or at least I was able to so I assume you can.


The parts that are blocked off by boulders and whatnot are subject to change, there are placeholder blockades in those spots mainly because there's nothing even built past there.

Insignificant Alpha 0.21 Release Notes

Without further ado, here's a rundown of the changes and stuff for this release.


* Enchantment System
Battle System
First Person/Third Person Modes
Save System
Spell Creation
Sound Effects
Controller Support
Mouse/Keyboard Support
Grabbable In-World Items
NPC Interactions
Several Completed Areas
Magic System
Enemy Scaling System
Day/Night Cycle
Equipment System

Still In Progress:

Most NPC's and Story Progression
Books and Story Related Logs
Oculus Rift Mode
Underwater Travel
Numerous Incomplete Areas
Character Creation
Difficulty Options
Numerous Items, including most Reward Items

Addressed Issues:

Fixed a bug where the "Rest at the Matchfire" prompt would stay on the screen after resting.
Added a Matchfire to the starting cave for players who frequently die to the first enemy.
Fixed an issue where sunlight was not producing shadows in some cases.
Increased terrain texture resolution


Known Issues:

Occasional camera freeze when loading resources.
Grass does not load in certain areas.
Long-ish load times in certain areas.
Idle animation causes thrown weapons to veer off to the right during a specific part of the idle animation. This will be addressed in a later version.
There is no "Back" button in the Crafting menu. Pressing "Cancel", "Tab" or "Start" will all exit the crafting menu but a visual button hasn't yet been added.


Thanks to everyone for a great year. Even through all the stress and long nights, it's been a treat to hear from all of you, especially comments about the Alpha. I'm excited to continue making Insignificant into a fun and engaging experience for all of you, and I'll see you all in 2015 with a new update!

- Dan


At least there's one bug I was able to head off before releasing the update.
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