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How to Post on the Significant Games Forums

edited January 2015 in General
Welcome to the forums, if you'd like to post, please make an account. You'll need to confirm your email and hit the apply button. Then, as soon as a moderator gets off their lazy butt and approves you, you'll be all set to post! Sorry for this step, it's annoying when you want to just post immediately, but for a really small forum like this, it's a necessary step to keep spammers from posting everywhere (trust me, I've learned this the hard way).

Important Note
If you're a Kickstarter Backer for Insignificant and you want the Kickstarter Backer badge on your account, simply type your Kickstarter Username in the "Why do you want to join" section of the application, and you'll be awarded with a shiny new badge!

How to Post
After you've gotten permission to post, feel free to post wherever you'd like. If you have a bug report, visit the Technical Support forums, for instance.

How to Display Badges
If you'd like to display a badge you've earned by your name when you post, click on your username, then "Edit Profile," then "Featured Badges," then drag your badge or badges into one of the top three slots. If you look at my username up top, you'll see I have the "Significant Games" badge, letting you know I'm an official staff account of the Significant Games forums!
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