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What stage is this game in Development?

Dev Stage

I was wondering what I should call this stage in development... Closed Alpha? Closed Beta? Just wondering, because I would like to be able to call it something other than "Under Development", because that's kinda long. So, What stage is this game in Development? Thanks!


  • We're in a closed alpha right now, working on getting all the features into the game that need to be there. We've been releasing monthly updates with new features and you can track the game's progress in more detail in those updates. Thanks for joining the forums by the way!
  • Ah, okay. Thanks! Also, I'm pumped for the game and couldn't help but join the forums!
  • Popping in to say hello. Going to get at the new build soon. =)

    @KINGARTHR, Due to college I missed about *two years* of updates. Dan has sent me monthly updates directly to my Kickstarter account. He is definitely chugging along and I can tell the game has evolved greatly. Self-motivated for sure.
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