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Insignificant Alpha Version 0.22 Update

edited January 2015 in Insignificant
Kickstarter Update Link

Check that out for more images and info about the release.

Alpha Version 0.22 Release Notes

I don't believe this version will mess with your game if you have a save in version .21, but I haven't tested their compatibility myself. If you choose to carry over to this new version from an old save without deleting, and experience any weird lockups you don't normally see, you may need to hit Delete on your save menu to start over.

Enchantment System
Battle System
First Person/Third Person Modes
Save System
Spell Creation
Music and Sound Effects
Controller and Mouse/Keyboard Support
Grabbable In-World Items
NPC Interactions
Magic System
Enemy Scaling System
Day/Night Cycle
Equipment System
Still In Progress:
Most NPC's and Story Progression
Books and Story Related Logs
Oculus Rift Mode
Underwater Travel
Numerous Incomplete Areas
Character Creation
Gameplay and configuration options including difficulty selection
Numerous Items, including most Reward Items
Addressed Issues:
Thrown weapons now properly launch directly forward
Other projectiles also follow a pathway closer to the camera's exact forward vector
All animations now display properly in first person mode
Retooled camera movement for smoother gameplay
All weapon types now use individual animations
Fixed a bug where enemies would continue moving for a second upon being killed.
Fixed a bug where players were considered in the air when they were on the ground in some cases.
Fixed a bug where both the Matchfire and Clock audio were heard from very far away.
Fixed a bug where enemies would engage in combat with a stealthed player when out of range if the player would have failed the stealth check.
Players are now unable to change weapons mid-attack, because that would mess some things up.
Only Flossbow and Magic Attacks can now be "held" by keeping the attack button pressed. This is because only the Flossbow and Projectile Magic attacks are considered long range, which requires some extra aiming time.
Known Issues:
Occasional camera freeze when loading resources, gathering more data on this bug.
Long load times in certain areas, some have reported crashes, gathering more data on this bug.
There is no "Back" button in the Crafting menu. Pressing "Cancel", "Tab", "Start" or clicking another tab will all exit the crafting menu. A button will be added at a later date.
Animated grass does not display properly in certain areas. Looking into a fix for this.
If you experience any of these issues please submit a bug report.
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