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Alpha Version 0.23 Release Notes

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Kickstarter Update Link

Check that out for more images and info about the release.

Alpha Version 0.23 Release Notes

This version should wipe any saves from earlier versions. If it does not, and you pick up where you left off, you might run into some unexpected issues. Make sure to hit delete on the Save Menu to start over from the beginning if that happens.

This version introduces the Compendium, which contains among other information, an In-Game tutorial. If you would like to view gameplay information and controls, press "Tab" on a keyboard or "Select" on a controller to pull up the Compendium and you can view all of that information from the Tutorials chapter of the Compendium.


Compendium System
In-Game Tutorial
Enchantment System
Battle System
First Person/Third Person Modes
Save System
Spell Creation
Music and Sound Effects
Controller and Mouse/Keyboard Support
Grabbable In-World Items
NPC Interactions
Magic System
Enemy Scaling System
Day/Night Cycle
Equipment System
Still In Progress:

Many Incomplete Areas, NPC's, and Items, including most Reward Items
Oculus Rift Mode
Underwater Travel
Character Creation
In-Game Map
Gameplay and configuration options including difficulty selection
Addressed Issues:

NPCs now perform their own idle animations
Several camera bugs were causing gameplay issues, camera should move smoothly now.
Certain data was not being saved properly.
Known Issues:
Occasional camera freeze when loading resources, gathering more data on this bug.
Long load times in certain areas, some have reported crashes, gathering more data on this bug.
There is no "Back" button in the Crafting menu. Pressing "Cancel", "Tab", "Start" or clicking another tab will all exit the crafting menu. A button will be added at a later date.
Animated grass does not display properly in certain areas. Looking into a fix for this.
If you experience any of these issues please submit a bug report.
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