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Alpha Version 0.30 Release Notes

edited April 2016 in Insignificant
Kickstarter Update Link

Check that link out for video, images and info about the release.

Alpha Version 0.30 Release Notes

Due to save data rejiggering, players will automatically restart their game if one exists from an earlier version of Insignificant.


NPC combat!
Virtual Reality Mode (plug in your VR Headset and activate VR mode in the options menu)
Configuration Options, including Difficulty Options (partial)
Character Creation
Compendium (Contains In-Game Tutorial)
Combat and Magic System
First Person/Third Person Modes (v key or click right stick by default)
Tamagacha! (A 3D menu system featuring...)
Inventory, Equipment, Crafting, Enchantment, Spell Creation, and a Save System
Music and Sound Effects
Controller and Mouse/Keyboard Support
Interactive NPCs, Doors and Items
Day/Night Cycle

Still In Progress:

Incomplete Areas and Missing Items, including most Reward Items
Underwater Travel
In-Game Map

Addressed Issues:

Chat bubbles will appear near an NPC's head, even while sitting down.
NPC combat has been added, NPCs can be attacked/killed, and will aggro onto the player if they currently hate the player.
NPC ragdoll has been added, NPCs will flop to the ground when killed.
When the player dies, the camera will no longer continue trying to move.

Known Issues:

Framerate issues due to a lack of optimization in NPCs.
Cinnabar is wearing the wrong hat!
Clocks and TVs do not emit sound properly.
Wolves do not emit sound properly.
Cardboard box items aren't able to be picked up.
A level exit indicator in the forest area is backwards.
Carrot, an Onion Knight, freaks out if he is killed while he is still wearing his hat. He'll stop once it's stolen.

Spell Creation mode has been disabled. There was not enough time to work it into the Tamagacha system for this release. This is scheduled to be re-added in the alchemy release.
The only weapons currently able to be crafted are thrown weapons. This is merely a menu design oversight and will be fixed for an upcoming release.

The Loading Screen is offset in some areas and does not appear in VR mode. This should not cause any gameplay issues but is being fixed for a later version.
The night is too dark (and full of terrors).
Traversing long stretches of land can become tedious, looking into a gameplay design change that can alleviate that.
Enemies are unbalanced with level scaling, some levels are very easy, some are too difficult. Will work on balancing this.

Some ground colliders do not align properly with the ground, making feet appear to sink below the ground. This is a fault in our terrain engine, and we're looking into a solution.
If you equip gear before entering character creation, that gear will not display properly until leaving the area or re-equipping the gear. We might not fix this, as the player shouldn't have gear at that point.
If you experience any other issues please submit a bug report.
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